CAD render 3ring construction

Frodo - a 10 inch travel Dobson

10 inch, f/4.8 newtonian


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basic considerations


hogging out
smoothing the curve
foucault tester


mirror cell
wire spider
middle ring
rocker box


travel and assembly






My main inspiration to this scope were the numerous ATM homepages on the net and especially the many interesting threads in ATM newsgroups (german:, and international:

Without so many success stories I would probably never have dared to take the adventure of trying to create something as delicate as a telescope.

So I see this homepage as something I want to give back to the ATM community, that I have taken so much from.

It gets difficult to remember when an idea formed and who I stole it from, so here's the general list of culprits in no particular order whatsoever (no offenses meant - I'm sure the list is not complete! If you discover a design, an idea or any other form of intellectual property I copied / used from you and you can't find yourself, please take my apologies and send me a howler):

Mel Bartels
Stathis Kafalis
Clive Milne
Bruce Sayre
Steven Lee
Martin Trittelwitz
Richard Schwartz
Tom Krajci
Frederique Géa
James Lerch
Kurt Schreckling
Heiner Otterstedt
Nils Olof Carlin
Mark Holm
Dale A. Keller
David Lewis
Ernst Sauer
Jan van Gastel
San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers
Stellafane ATM resources
John Dobson
Herbert Zellhuber
Jim Sapp
Raphael Bugiel
Achim Strnad
Albert G. Ingalls
Albert Highe
Jim Miller

And last but not least I would like to share with you the funniest homepage on the internet I know:

The real Kiwi spirit


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